South Downs Way 50: Some alright photos

My Dad is always on hand at races to get good pics, but the photographer at the South Downs Way 50 miler also managed to snap some half decent shots … Continue Reading →

Race report: The South Downs Way 50 miler

It’s taken a while for the events of the weekend to sink in and it was hard to know where to start with this. Although I like to think I … Continue Reading →

New running adventures and Parkrun tourism

I live in the best part of London to be a runner. I’m not biased or nothin’, but living a mile from the Thames towpath, two kilometres from Richmond Park … Continue Reading →

Taking stock

Back to back long runs can seem daunting, but they’re not so bad. Honest. They were the backbone of my ultra-training last year and I came to really enjoy them, … Continue Reading →

seville marathon medal

Race report: The Seville Marathon

When you’ve run all your quick marathon times paced by fast boys, it’s nice to finally be able to say that you’ve held your own. It’s reassuring to know that, … Continue Reading →

Treadmill interval programme - sub 20minute 5k

A sub 20 minute 5k treadmill interval plan

I’m a firm believer that, as a runner, training is something to be enjoyed and that takes first priority for me.  But I‘m also well aware that doing things outside my comfort … Continue Reading →

Running in the mountains

The North Face ultra team – join us!!

Today I’ve got some really big news to announce. Since getting into ultra running in the last year, it’s been such a blast that I really wanted to share the … Continue Reading →

Picture from the Oatmeal about runners physique

A (sort of) u-turn

I’m against gyms. I don’t see the point of exercising inside, in an artificially cooled box under strip lighting, running on a treadmill like a sweaty hamster on a wheel, … Continue Reading →

Screenshot of a running diary

Downloadable training guide: February

Today I’ve got the next installment of the downloadable training diary series for February. This month’s edition features inspiration from Autumn and Stephanie, and pie (plus equally inspiring race-cation exploits) from … Continue Reading →

Photo from Marrakech marathon with camels

Race report: The Marrakech marathon

Entering a marathon two weeks after a 43 mile ultra probably wasn’t my best idea ever. Despite having spent the last couple of weeks resting pretty hard, by mile eight … Continue Reading →